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Embrace Timeless Manhood

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At Vintage Gentleman, we are dedicated to guiding men toward becoming the best versions of themselves through the power of authentic stories told by likeminded men and women. Founded by Duane Barnhart, a storyteller with a 25+ year filmmaking career, VG aims to shine a spotlight on traditional manhood by building a community through story telling, shared experiences, mutual support, and personal growth. 


Our mission is to promote traditional manhood by nurturing the body, soul, and spirit, helping men on their journey to a life of purpose. Through engaging content, high-quality apparel, educational initiatives, and community events, we inspire integrity, courage, and wisdom. Join us in redefining modern narratives and rediscovering the true essence of a gentleman.

Live with Honor, Lead with Integrity.

Timeless Values:

Strength, courage, faith, honor, and chivalry.

Our Mission:

Inspiring and guiding men towards authentic masculinity.

Community Wisdom:

Applying past wisdom to modern challenges.

Our Passion.

We are dedicated to helping men become the best versions of themselves, impacting families, communities, and the world positively.

Our Values.

  • Integrity and Honesty: Live authentically and uphold the highest personal and professional ethics.

  • Strength and Courage: Demonstrate moral courage and make ethically sound decisions.

  • Wisdom and Discernment: Approach life thoughtfully, making decisions with broad understanding.

  • Leadership and Responsibility: Foster positive change and contribute to others' welfare.

  • Love and Respect: Treat others with dignity and foster thriving environments.

  • Community and Fellowship: Encourage growth through shared experiences and mutual support.

Meet the Team

Our team is here to support you on your journey to becoming the man you aspire to be.

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The Vintage Gentleman Podcast is your go-to destination for embodying traditional values today. Gain insights, advice, and inspiration to pursue your passions and find purpose. We also celebrate the vital contributions of women in this journey. Tune in for insightful conversations, inspiring stories, and a community of like-minded individuals who cherish all things manly.


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Welcome, Gentleman! Let's Begin.

Tying Shoes

VG Life Skills is your ultimate how-to video series for mastering practical life skills. From changing a tire to cooking a gourmet meal, we teach essential skills for any gentleman. Learn to be resourceful, self-sufficient, and adaptable with our step-by-step guides. Our videos cover everything from home repairs and tie knots to social skills like asking someone on a date and giving a proper handshake. Perfect for men of all ages seeking to expand their abilities and become well-rounded individuals.


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